Competition for customers

2 kg – about 50 pieces homemade sausages for free
(when you consume them according to our rules)


A guest who wishes to take part in the “2 kilograms free sausages” competition informs a member of staff and pays a deposit of CZK 1500; if all of the sausages are consumed within the 20-minute time limit the deposit is returned, if not the deposit is forfeited. The time allotted for consumption is 20 minutes. To ensure fairness of the competition, the guest will be supervised by staff of the restaurant for the entire time allotted for consumption. The competitor cannot receive any help with consumption. After the time has expired the referee announces the result. Competitors who achieved one of the best three times in history will have their photo taken and will have their name entered on the plaque of honour.

  • Beef cheeks in red wine with pumpkin purée and apple chips

    (200 g beef cheeks, red wine, garlic, pumpkin, potatoes, butter)specialties
  • Homemade bread with smoked duck breast with fried egg

    (bread, smoked duck breast, egg)breakfast
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