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Gastromamanager BORSKÝ GASTRO a.s., providing stylish restaurants


  • 1989 - Gold, silver and bronze medals in the competition SOTMO
  • 1991 - member of the winning team in the competition "Bavarian Chef"
  • 1991 - second place in the individual competition "Bavarian Chef"

Curriculum vitae

  • One of the leading Czech foodstylists (publishing Bauermedia, Europress)
  • 15 years of experience
  • Competition participant chef of the year
  • Cook on television shows "Dinner" with Nada Konvalinková and "Prima wooden spoon"
  • Certificate "Italian cuisine Specialist"
  • Experience from Germany, Russia, Italy
  • Trained in SOU U Krbu and Ondříčkova Prague, Experience in Russian restaurant Arbat, Moskva, Hotel Florence, and later Chef (competition Prague restaurants leader - first place)
  • Germany Hotel Hubertus Schönsse (chef Jaroslav Hasek)
  • Restaurant "Mucha" shift supervisor
  • French restaurant "Chez Moi" (chef)
  • Restaurant "U Kamenného mostu" - French and Czech cuisine (chef)
  • Provencal cuisine (chef Robert Chein) - Practice in France
  • Graduate course Thai cuisine (chef Ken Ham)
  • Italy - Taverna del Castello, Villa di Angelo - Santa Caterina Naples
  • Gastromamanager BORSKÝ GASTRO a.s., providing stylish restaurants
  • Beef cheeks in red wine with pumpkin purée and apple chips

    (200 g beef cheeks, red wine, garlic, pumpkin, potatoes, butter)specialties
  • Homemade bread with smoked duck breast with fried egg

    (bread, smoked duck breast, egg)breakfast
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